Charlie Fund – Felicity’s Story

felicity_CFIt is a cold blustery day. Spotting a potential meal across the street a young kitten dashes off….and gets struck by a car! She feels the bone in her left hind leg give way and rolls into the curb. She tries to run away but can’t. The explosion of sickening pain in her leg is too much to bear. Never has she had to deal with something like this. Weak and shaking she crawls under a bush. She tries to clean her leg but can’t reach it due to the pain and the bone that protrudes through the skin. She would have to do her best to ignore it. This is the cold, harsh reality of many kittens who live on the streets.

felicity_CF1Days passed. Weak from hunger, cold, infection, and pain the young cat was found by a pair of angels who called the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS) for help! An OMHS Animal Protective Services officer rushed Felicity, as we later named her, to a veterinarian. That is when your gift to the Charlie Fund starts working to save lives like Felicity’s. The veterinarian worked hard to stabilize her health and assess if Felicity and her leg could be saved. Then there was the costly surgery to mend her leg and the daily efforts to stave off the infection that might yet cause Felicity to lose her leg.

It is through your donations to the Charlie Fund that the OMHS is able to serve our community and the injured animals within.Won’t you be an angel too? Please help save the next life and limb of those who are injured.

Your gift to the Charlie Fund is the gift of life, the gift of time to heal and the gift of hope for a home. Please don’t hesitate; your gift is needed today.