Oakville & Milton Humane Society Foster Program

The goal of the Oakville & Milton Humane Society is to find homes for as many of the animals that come through our doors as possible. Unfortunately many of the animals that come to us are ill, have behavioural problems or are too young to be placed up for adoption. This is why our foster program exists – to help these animals. We do not place healthy animals in foster homes. We adopt the healthy animals out to permanent homes.

The types of animals that need fostering are as follows:

  • Pregnant cats
  • Pregnant dogs
  • Orphan kittens requiring round-the-clock bottle feeding (common)
  • Orphan kittens eating on their own
  • Puppies requiring bottle feeding (rare)
  • Puppies requiring socialization
  • Dogs with medical or behavioural problems
  • Cats with medical or behavioural problems
  • Small animals, birds, reptiles, ferrets
  • Animals recovering from an injury

Foster parents are needed to look after puppies and kittens. Once they are weaned from their mother, they will return to the shelter for adoption. Foster parents are also needed to just give a cat or kitten an opportunity to become used to living in a home environment and get used to simple things like seeing themselves in a mirror, a door opening or the comforts of a chair. This short foster time gives the cat or kitten a head start when they become adopted to their forever homes.

The length of time for fostering an animal will vary from animal to animal. The placement may last a few days to a few weeks. We are looking for committed individuals who are willing to care for the animal until it is ready to come back to the shelter for adoption. Our times of need are usually March to September.

The Foster Parent is provided with the following:

  • The species of animal(s) to be fostered according to your specific request on the foster application form
  • Training and advice on an ongoing basis as needed
  • All the supplies needed to care for the animal.
  • Medical care should the animal require it. The shelter must be contacted if medical attention is needed – PRIOR to seeking it. We will arrange to have the animal seen should it be required. The 24 hour emergency number is 905-845-1551.
  • The shelter does not provide care or treatment for your own pet(s) should they contract an illness or parasite from the animals owned by the shelter.

Unfortunately there is some risk that diseases or parasites (fleas, internal parasites) could be transmitted to your pet(s). The shelter makes every attempt to ensure animals are external parasite free prior to going into your home. It is very important that you keep the animals completely separate.

If you have any questions about risks, please consult your veterinarian and/or the Shelter’s Animal Health Technician.

The requirements for a Foster Parent are as follows:

  • We would prefer to take on people in the foster program who have some animal experience
  • You must have transportation to pick up or drop off the animals; see a vet if required, or pick up supplies as required for the animals
  • You must have a room with a door that you can completely separate the foster animal(s) from your pet(s) at home
  • You must be able/willing to follow the instructions of the Animal Health Technician regarding the care/socialization of the animal you will be fostering
  • You must have time to socialize and care for the animal – We ask that you write out a personality profile on the animal(s) when you bring it back to us. This will help the adoption staff match the animal to a suitable home, and help the new owner choose and understand their new pet.

If you know someone wishing to adopt the animal you are fostering, that person must fill out an application and go through an interview prior to taking the animal. This is standard procedure for all public, staff and volunteers.

You will need to complete the Oakville & Milton Humane Society Volunteer Application to be considered for fostering in addition to the fostering application .

Click here to download the Oakville & Milton Humane Society Fostering Application Form. This application is only for fostering. It is not an Adoption Application. To be considered for adoption you need to fill out an Adoption Application, and meet with the adoption counsellors.

For more information on volunteer opportunities available at the shelter, please visit our Become a Volunteer page.

*Please note that it may take a few weeks to process your application and even longer before an animal is placed in your home. Depending on the time of year you apply to be a foster parent, will depend on availability of an animal.

The Foster Program is very important to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society.  Thank you for your interest in our Fostering Program.

Note: We do not foster wildlife, we are not licenced to do so.