Gifts that Give

Unique gifts for Animal Lovers

  • Give the gift that gives twice – once to help change the life of homeless animals AND again to show someone special that you are thinking of them
  • You will receive a beautiful card to give the recipient, a tax receipt, and the amazing feeling of knowing you are making an immediate difference in the lives of animals.

Holiday Gifts

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Enrichment Toys for cats or dogs $25
Microchip $40
Grooming Supplies $50
Veterinary Exam & Vaccines $75
Fostering Kit $100
Animal Rescue Kit $125
Special Needs Care $150
Senior Care $200
Orphaned Kitten Kit $250
Medical Care for a Rescued Animal $300

Mother’s Day Gifts

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Dine $20
Refresh $20
Indulge $25
Pamper $45
Love $75