Karin Tomosky Chambers

Karin Tomosky Chambers has a Master’s degree in English Literature and Language and a Master’s degree in Discourse Analysis and Linguistics. Karin worked as a Research Coordinator at McMaster University in Hamilton and as a Senior Analyst at the Public Health Agency of Canada in Ottawa. In 2011 Karin moved back to her family farm in Milton, Ontario.  She has an interest in heritage houses and was the secretary and Board Member for the Milton Historical Society for 6 years. 

Karin is now a beekeeper and raises chickens and ducks.  Karin is also the resident beekeeper at Mountsberg Conservation Area.  She established their apiary and trained staff to look after the bees. Karin has been recognized as a Wildlife Steward, Wetland Guardian and an Amphibian Conservationist. Karin has grown up with animals and has rescued dogs, cats and horses.  She rescued two adult male Great Pyrenees dogs who both had severe problems and cared for them for their remaining years. Currently Karin has two male Great Pyrenees dogs and five cats.  Karin has a keen knowledge of animal health care and a sincere desire to help promote public knowledge for the OMHS.

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