Claudette and Nita

Claudette and NitaDid you know that cats love to learn and you can train them? Cats are amazing, intelligent, wonderful companions. If you are interested in cat behaviour and how cats learn, then register now for our FREE online seminar on October 28 at 7 pm with Claudette Nita.

Claudette will teach you the steps to start basic training with your cat. She will also cover three common behaviour issues: urinating in the house, scratching furniture and play aggression and provide tips and techniques to prevent them from happening. Whether you have a kitten, or an older cat, this is a unique opportunity to learn fun ways to make their daily life even better.

Since early childhood, Claudette knew she was going to work with animals. Her love and compassion for them led to her volunteering at humane societies and vet clinics, as well as taking in strays and helping injured wildlife. Claudette attended St. Clair College in Windsor, Ont. and became a RVT in 1998. She worked at animal hospitals in Toronto for seven years and for the past decade has been a technician in the neurology department of the Veterinary Emergency Clinic. She is also licensed in canine massage and is a certified dog and cat trainer by Animal Behavior College.