Oakville & Milton Humane Society Programs
Your generous support enables the Oakville & Milton Humane Society to offer a wide range of programs and services within our communities. These programs are essential to the health and well-being of both the pets in our care and all animals within the Towns of Oakville and Milton.

Summary of Programs and Services

Other Programs offered by Oakville & Milton Humane Society

Ambulance Service
The Oakville & Milton Humane Society offers an life threatening emergency transport service to residents of Oakville &Milton. If your animal has a medical emergency, an Animal Protection Officer will come to your home and transport your animal to your veterinarian. The fees are as follows:

Daytime service:                             $75.00
Evening service after 8pm:            $100.00

To receive this service, call the Animal Protective Services Department at 905-845-1551 and identify that an emergency transport is required.

Violence Prevention Service
The Oakville & Milton Humane Society has a Violence Prevention Program in place to help people who find themselves in abusive situations. If a person is being abused by their partner and decide to leave, but don’t have anywhere to place their animals, the Shelter will take them in on a short-term basis while the person is relocating. To qualify for this program, you must be approved by the Executive Director of the Shelter.

Other Services
We provide 24-hour help for injured pets and wildlife. There are also education and pet therapy services.

The Humane Society Does Not:

  1. Act as pest control agency.
  2. Handle barking complaints.
  3. Give veterinary advice. Please consult your veterinarian.
  4. Operate or sponsor spay and neuter clinics or free rabies clinics.