School Tours & Education Programs

Student Shelter Tour (Directed at School Groups and School Clubs) 

The Oakville and Milton Humane Society is excited to offer comprehensive tours for students and their teachers.  The comprehensive tour will consist of a guided excursion of the shelter, a short lesson on a range of topics (or a topic of your classroom’s choice), and the opportunity to meet one of our education animals at the end.  The entire visit will vary in length, from 1-2 hours.

Fee: There is a fee of $20 per group during school hours.

Group Size: We are a very small shelter so we cannot accommodate groups larger than 30 people.

Timing: The student shelter tour lasts approximately one-to-two hours.

What to Bring: Students are encouraged to bring in an item from our wish list or a cash donation.

Allergies: The Oakville & Milton Humane Society houses all types of animals.  Unfortunately, tours are not recommended for children or adults who have allergies to dogs, cats, small animals, or birds. They may experience a reaction while in the shelter because of our air handling system. We are not be able to limit exposure to specific types of animals.

Booking A Tour: Bookings should be made at least a month in advance in order to guarantee a spot. Contact the Community Outreach and Education Department at 905-845-1551 ext. 114 or 118. We do not generally offer tours on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings if our Kindness Club is in progress.


School Visits

The Oakville & Milton Humane Society offers free educational programs for children in the Towns of Oakville and Milton, aged 3-18 years. Our programs are great fun and interactive; designed to complement the current Ontario curriculum, placing focus on compassion and respect. The program includes: an overview of the role of the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, a lesson of your choice on one of our prepared humane education topics, or a topic of your choice, and the opportunity to meet one of our animal ambassadors.

Presentation Topics

Junior/Senior Kindergarten “PATCH” or “Sam’s Adventure Outside”
In our PATCH” program, children will get to participate in a felt-board story about a dog named “PATCH”, who makes his way to an animal shelter and is then re-homed.  Children will help the new owner take care of Patch and will discover all of the supplies that a new dog needs.

In “Sam’s Adventure Outside”, children will get to participate in a felt-board story about a cat named Sam, who decides to run away from home and explore the great big city.  Children will follow Sam’s journey, and learn about all of the dangers of being outside.

Grades 1 and 2 “Dangerous Doggies”
In “Dangerous Doggies”, children will learn the appropriate way to say hello to a familiar dog, what to do if they see a stray dog, a brief introduction to dog body language and how to avoid a dog bite.  Children will get the opportunity to meet the education dog and practice what they have learnt.

Grades 1 and 2 “Critter Care”
In “Critter Care”, children will learn the basic needs of companion pets through a grab-bag activity.  By choosing animal supplies from a “grab-bag”, children will be able to connect the needs of people and animals.

Grade 3 “Perfect Pet Possibilities”
In “Purring Pet Possibilities”, children will learn about what to consider when choosing a pet.

The presentation will place a focus on small animals and how they can be perfect pets.  The program will cover which animals are not good to keep as pets, and why animals end up in shelters.  Children will perform an addition and subtraction activity to determine cost of owning a pet.

Grade 4 “Happy Habitats”
In “Happy Habitats”, children will examine human impact on animal habitats as well as how this forces animals to share our community.  This presentation will discuss the reasons for endangered and extinct animals and focus on ways to live in harmony with wildlife.  Children will receive a wildlife safety handout.

Grade 5 “Creature Cruelty”
In “Creature Cruelty”, children will be introduced to animal cruelty and the role of the O.S.P.C.A.  The presentation will touch upon the relationship between human abuse and animal cruelty.  Children will learn their role as responsible citizens to follow animal protection laws and how to be a role-model for other pet owners.

Grade 6 “Animals and the Atlas”
In “Animals and the Atlas”, children will compare the ways different countries view pets and brainstorm reasons why there are a surplus of stray animals and third world

countries.  This presentation will place an importance on spaying and neutering and conclude with a pet overpopulation math exercise.

Grade 7 “Clever Canines”
In “Clever Canines”, children will learn about the role of obedience training in a dog’s life.  This presentation will cover how dogs learn and why we use positive reinforcement to train them.  Children will receive a dog bite safety handout.

Grade 8 “Careers with Creatures”
In “Careers with Creatures”, children will receive an introduction to careers at the Humane Society.  They will learn the things that they must like and what education they must receive to pursue a career in animal welfare.

Create your own program.  If you have an animal related topic that you would like the shelter to focus on, let us know and we will design something to meet your needs.

Fee: There is a fee of $20 per program.

Group/Class Size:  Due to the interactive nature of the visits, a group size of under 30 is preferred. Arrangements can be made to give multiple presentations to larger groups so that the group can be divided.

Timing: Presentations are generally 30-45 min.

Requirements: Most of the presentations for Grade 3 and up, are in the form of Powerpoint and require the humane educator to have access to a projector and screen.

Animal Visits:  We have a small group of education animals who come along for the visit and are child-friendly.

For Information and Booking: Bookings should be made at least a month in advance (we recommend booking as far in advance as possible in order to guarantee the time your class would like) Contact the Community Outreach and Education Department at 905-845-1551 ext. 114 or 118.