Youth Apprenticeship Program

Next Opportunity to be selected to participate in the YAP Program – September 3, 2019

How the Process Works – The 30 spots will be filled by lottery. On the day after Labour Day we will start taking student name, parent name, contact number and email. We will take names starting at 9 am up until midnight on September 3rd, 2019. You can email, call 905-845-1551 extension 114 or come by in person and leave the information at the front desk. All the names will go into a drum and we draw 30 names. These 30 names will be in the program for 2020. Only those selected to be in the program will be contacted because of the expected numbers of people entering for a spot. We will notify the successful families by the end of the week. Please note, students must be 13 years old as of January 1, 2020.

How old do you have to be to participate? This program is designed for 13-16 year olds.

What is the group size? There are 10 participants per session. A maximum of two students will work with a staff member during each unit.

How does it work? We will meet as a group for an orientation. This will take about two hours and will include a behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter. Then you will sign up for 13 units over the ten weeks to complete your hours. We will meet again, as a group, at the very end of your volunteer time to wrap up. Each area has an educational component and a hands-on component. You can sign up for a maximum of one cat spot per week and then you will need to complete 1 unit in each of the other areas: dog training, small animal handling, education (Kindness Club) and Customer Care.

What is a unit? A unit is a 1.5 or 2 hour block of time in a specific area. The areas are: cats, small animals, dogs, education and customer service.

Does it cost anything? Yes, the cost of the program is $325. The money will cover the cost of materials but is primarily to provide staff supervision. Many of the animals at the Humane Society are under a great deal of stress. In order to ensure your safety, a staff member must be present while you are volunteering at the shelter.

Can I just spend all my time with the animals I like? This experience is designed to give you an over view of the shelter and to learn about the animals in our care. Our largest, most accessible population of animals is the cats, so this program has more opportunity to volunteer with the cats. You will have the option of working with dogs for one week and small animals for one week as well. Education and Customer Care both involve working with people. In the shelter world, it is not just about the animals, it has to be about people, because it is the people that they go home to. It is people, like you, who make our shelter a great place for the animals to stay until their forever homes come along.