SERVICES AND PROGRAMS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19. If you believe an animal is sick or injured call 905-845-1551.

The animals need your help, now more than ever!

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OMHS careers

Careers at OMHS

Do you pride yourself on making a difference in the lives of others? Are you passionate about animals and animal welfare? Consider joining our team!

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Share your "Happy Tails"

We just love hearing from our alumni! If you have a “Happy Tails” story you would like posted about your pet(s) please email us your update and photos to: For the latest stories please click here.

Dogs in cars

Cars Become Ovens in the Summer!

We closed the doors of our patrol car and in less than 10 minutes the average inside temperature had soared to over 41C, and areas near the windows shot up to over 60C! So NEVER leave your pet in your car, even for a moment. If you see an animal in distress call: 905-845-1551.

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Get Your Dog Licence Online!

A dog licence is your best insurance for the safe and quick return of your family member. It also makes your dog instantly identifiable to anyone who may come across your pet and helps avoid the daily boarding charge. Best of all, a lost licensed dog will likely be at the shelter for just hours, not days. Learn more.

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Reunion Stories!

When your beloved pet goes missing it can be a traumatic experience for both of you. We have a dedicated Lost & Found team whose goal is to reunite missing pets with their owners. Learn more.

Adopt a Pet

See the Animals

Want to view the animals that are available for adoption? Visit here to learn more about the adoption process or to check our viewing hours!

Available Services

Pet Cremation

Cremation services are available again at OMHS by appointment only, during regular business hours.

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lost & found

We are dedicated to helping lost pets be reunited with their families. If you have lost or found a pet it is important that you report it to us right away.

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dog licences

All dogs must be licensed in the Town of Oakville. Licences are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and not specific to a calendar year.

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