The Charlie Fund


Dudley required a full-mouth extraction of his teeth, because so many of the teeth were abscessed.  Dudley is now pain free and has been adopted!


Yuno came to us suffering from a urinary blockage. Treatment for this serious and potentially life-threatening condition was successful, and Yuno now has a home of her own.

The Charlie Fund provides emergency and specialized veterinary care for animals at the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS). The Charlie Fund saves animals hit by cars, caught in traps, or in need of life saving treatments and surgeries.

History of The Charlie Fund

The Charlie Fund began in 1985 when a Border Collie came into OMHS, with a leg too badly damaged to save. A fundraising campaign was needed to raise money for the necessary surgery. “Charlie” recovered and was adopted by a wonderful family and he lived a long and happy life.

The need for “emergency medical funds” lived on and a fundraising campaign was started. Over the past 36 years, this special fund has grown from saving a few animals a year to more than 100 annually.

How is the Charlie Fund funded?

The Charlie Fund is possible solely through donations. Your gift makes it possible to provide the emergency and specialized treatment of the neediest animals at OMHS. Every dollar makes a difference.

Your gift to the Charlie Fund is the gift of life, the gift of time to heal and the gift of hope for a home. 

For more information, please contact

Anne Smith
Charlie Fund Ambassador