Reunion Stories

When your beloved pet goes missing it can be a traumatic experience for both of you. We have a dedicated Lost & Found team whose goal is to reunite missing pets with their owners. We love what we do and wish to share the joy of these happy reunions.


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When Unny realized the front door to her home wasn’t quite shut all the way, she sprang at the chance for an adventure and left her home without another thought! Fortunately, for Unny, a passerby was able to secure her safely and contact the shelter right away. Through a filed online lost report, we were able to connect with Unny’s owners quickly and get her back home safe!

Ginger Reunion Story


Ginger’s owners were devastated to find her missing after she slipped out of an open door. Turns out she was showing off her new haircut around the neighbourhood!  Her family were ecstatic to find we had picked their puppy up and had her here at the shelter, safe and sound.  She now has her Oakville dog license on her collar so she can be reunited with her owners, should she want to show off her new “do” in the future.

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Janet & Joost were more than a bit shocked to learn their 19 yr old cat Minnie had been located when we contacted them. It had been years since they had seen their cat and they had given up hope of ever seeing her again. As Minnie’s microchip registration was kept up to date with their contact information, the shelter was able to reunite them. It is heartwarming to know this senior citizen will be lovingly taken care of in her last years of her life.



Piku was reunited with his family because his owner did not stop searching for him. His owner contacted us when he saw on social media that a cockatiel resembling his bird had been turned into the shelter. Piku spent his first day back at home close to his owner, he needed comforting after his adventure of flying to Oakville all the way from Brampton!

Luna jumping


When Luna noticed the side gate was open, she couldn’t resist going for a wander around her neighbourhood! Luckily, she was wearing her Town of Oakville dog licence! A kind lady found her and kept her safe until one of our Animal Protection Officers could pick her up and bring her to the shelter. Our Lost and Found team traced Luna’s dog licence and were happy to be able to return her to her family right away! As for Luna…she was jumping for joy to be reunited with her people!



Lola Jane

Lola Jane’s owner feared the worst when she was discovered missing.  Fortunately, an alert fellow dog owner noticed the little dog running unattended down the road and was able to coax the dog to her. As Lola Jane was not wearing her Oakville dog licence the finder dropped her off at the shelter where she would be safe until her owner was located. The shelter and the owner are so grateful to the finder for taking the time to ensure Lola-Jane’s safety.

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Misho is one very lucky housecat! Upon slipping out of his house, Misho made the acquaintance of a neighbour who kindly took him inside and contacted the shelter. As Misho has a microchip he was quickly reunited with his family.

Yoda - 62139


Yoda was found wearing his Oakville dog licence so he was quickly reunited with his family after finding an escape route in their fence.



Having recently moved to Oakville, Bella couldn’t resist taking a look around her new neighbourhood when her side gate was left unlatched! Lucky for her, she was found by a kind lady who kept her safe until one of our Animal Protection Officers could pick her up and bring her to the shelter. There were cuddles and smiles all round when her family dropped by to see if she was here AND she now has her Oakville dog license on her collar, so she would be reunited more easily, should she ever go exploring again!



When Gunes flew out an open door his owners thought they may never see their beloved bird again. Fortunately, Gunes is a well socialized bird and he approached people, allowing his capture. His grateful owner will be looking into getting a magnetic mesh screen that prevents birds from following their owners when doors are opened.  

Dexter - 57298


Upon discovering an open gate and no dog, Dexter’s owners immediately went searching for him. They contacted the shelter and were relieved to find Dexter was in our care. A kind gentleman had taken the time to drop Dexter off at the shelter keeping him safe after discovering Dexter in their yard. 

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Lucas was walking down the street alone when he accepted the offer to jump into a car that belonged to a pet store owner. Maybe he thought he could get himself some free treats, too bad he forgot his parents at home! Lucas was brought to OMHS where he was scanned for a microchip and then reunited with his family! They were so excited to see each other Lucas forgot all about the treat mission! He was just happy to see his mom.



Hades’s family were ecstatic to find their puppy safe and sound. Who would have thought this little guy was capable of digging his way out of his yard?  



Mac had been in his new home for only three weeks when he slipped out of the house. Mac was super happy to be reunited with his family!

Bear RTO


Bear’s owners were devastated to find him missing after an emergency took them away from home. Bear now has his Oakville dog licence so he can be reunited with his owners should he be found in the future. 

Reo reunion story


When Reo’s owner went out of town for the night, Reo decided she also needed an adventure, so she wriggled out of her collar and ran from her dog sitter! A kind member of the public was able to confine her in a backyard and call us to come and pick her up. Good thing Reo’s owner had microchipped her, as having that permanent form of identification meant we were able to reunite them. Guess they both had a night in a ‘hotel’, but the smiles at this happy reunion show that there’s NO place like home! 

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Perry’s first response on meeting a gentleman she had never met before was to cover him in kisses! The kind gentleman had discovered her on her own so he picked her up and dropped her off at the shelter to keep her safe from harm until her owner could be found. Because Perry had a microchip we were able to contact her frantic owner who was out looking for her. Perry now has her dog licence which allows us to get her home that much faster. 

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Stormy heard a rumour that all the cool kids do parkour, so she decided to give it a try. Turns out… she’s pretty good at it! Her first attempt with the backyard fence proved successful, so she went in search of more challenges conquer. Unfortunately for Stormy, that led her to a busy road. Stormy was very fortunate to have a very kind human pull over for her. She hopped in their car where she was kept safe until an OMHS officer arrived. After receiving a panicked call from her mom, the Lost and Found Team was able to arrange this amazing family reunion. No more backyard parkour, Stormy!

61407 Blueberry rto pic


Blueberry’s dad is ecstatic to have her back home again! Blueberry was discovered on the driveway of an Oakville animal lover who moved quickly to get her to safety. Fortunately her dad contacted the shelter in his search for his beloved bird. With the nicer weather doors and windows often offer escape routes for birds. Please report missing or found birds to the shelter so we can make possible other happy reunions!



Nacho slipped outside and decided to take himself on a walk. A member of the community was worried for the cat’s safety so confined him and called us to pick him up. Good thing his owners microchipped him and were able to quickly reunite them! Nacho and Steve were thrilled to be together again!



Although Rocky is a senior it hasn’t stopped him from doing a walk about if the opportunity presents itself. When Rocky was found he was not wearing his dog licence so his kind finders took him in for the evening. The next morning the shelter was able to reunite Rocky with his dad.