Sharing the love of animals with the world’s first ‘giraffologist’ - Sharing the love of animals with the world’s first ‘giraffologist’

This past Valentine’s Day, Order of Canada recipient Dr. Anne Innis Dagg, captivated audience members who tuned in to meet her, learn more and ask questions about her incredible journey.  We were joined by a broad range of participants from curious student to foremost authority on the giraffe. The live Q&A session was open to all who had purchased a ticket to watch the story of Anne’s life as told in the award-winning film, The Woman Who Loves Giraffes. Dozens of viewers tuned in to the virtual session that was moderated by Canadian media personality and OMHS volunteer, Elissa Lansdell. Anne was joined in the session by her daughter, Mary Dagg, and friend Shannon Rutherford.

Thank you to Anne, Mary, Shannon and Elissa and to everyone who purchased tickets to view the film and subsequently tuned into our live Q&A. A very special thank you to P3 Vet Partners for providing us with the space to host the session and to Noble Bistro, Big Rock Brewery and Zero dB for offering ticket purchasers discounts on food and beverages.

Anne Dagg is in an incredible Canadian with a remarkable story. We are grateful for the opportunity to share it with our community and raise awareness of the importance of treating people, animals and surroundings with the same respect.