- Veterinarian Spotlight: Fourth Line Animal Hospital

From left to right: Mindy, Laura, Dr. Dev, Nour, Kerryn, Julie.

The Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS) does not employ an on-site veterinarian and is therefore dependent on the veterinary professionals in our community. This month's spotlight is on the Fourth Line Animal Hospital which helps provide our animals with everything they need, from thorough examinations, rabies vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgeries, to more involved medical services for our sick or injured animals.

Dr. Gursharn Dev established the practice in 1999 and in 2004 reached out to Oakville & Milton Humane Society to offer his assistance for the homeless pets in our care. Dr. Dev and his team have provided steady support to the OMHS team for more than 15 years. While most recently, the hospital primarily performs spays and neuters, Dr. Dev's contributions to the Society over the years has been considerable.

Veterinarian Spotlight: Fourth Line Animal Hospital - Veterinarian Spotlight: Fourth Line Animal HospitalTheir ‘never say no' approach to OMHS is truly appreciated and many cats and dogs have been helped by Dr Dev's commitment to the care of the animals. Surgery is one of Dr. Dev's passions and he has performed many for the animals over the years. Procedures like mass removals, hernia repairs, feline urethrostomy and repair of broken limbs, to name a few.

The team's support does not stop inside the clinic walls as they have provided financial support and participated in numerous OMHS events over the years such as  Cause for Paws, Catsino Royale and the Oakville Mutt Strutt. Dr. Dev has also been a long time participant at our microchip clinics, helping us provide this important service to the community.Veterinarian Spotlight: Fourth Line Animal Hospital - Veterinarian Spotlight: Fourth Line Animal Hospital

The lovely cat pictured here had a life threatening urinary crisis when he came to OMHS. Dr. Dev was able to stabilize him and perform a urethrostomy and he went on to find his forever home. If you or your children have participated in any of our educational programs you may have met “Flopsy” the rabbit.  Flopsy was spayed at Fourth Line Animal Hospital.

We are so grateful for the work of Dr. Dev and his staff and their continued dedication to providing care to the most vulnerable animals in our community before they go on to find their furever families. We simply could not fulfill our mission without the expertise and support of Fourth Line Animal Hospital