- Veterinarian Spotlight: Burloak Animal Hospital

Health Care Assistant Chelsey with her dog Nahla.

This month we shine the spotlight on the Burloak Animal Hospital. Dr. Wolfgang Zenker established the clinic in 1970 and today it is a thriving multi-doctor practice with a great group of dedicated and long-term staff who provide medical care to a wide range of animals. The Oakville & Milton Humane Society’s (OMHS) relationship with Burloak Animal Hospital stretches back nearly three decades!*

The doctors at the hospital examine many of our exotic and pocket pet animals to ensure they get off to a good start before adoption. This group of animals are often not provided appropriate care, so it isn’t uncommon when we receive them that they require immediate veterinary care.

Veterinarian Spotlight: Burloak Animal Hospital - Veterinarian Spotlight: Burloak Animal Hospital

There are many staff at Burloak Animal Clinic. Pictured here, from behind the scenes, are Registered Veterinary Technicians Torie and Britney and Tucker the dog.

Animals like reptiles have unique medical needs and we are so fortunate to have Burloak doctors and staff provide incredible care for them. In fact it’s not unusual for one of our homeless pets to be fostered by one of the staff to ensure they receive the very best of care until they are feeling better.

In addition to caring for exotics and pocket pets, Burloak has been always been there for OMHS and they have provided refuge and much needed medical attention to animals in need on multiple occasions. This includes in 2008 when the OMHS removed 52 Bengal cats from one residence, in 2011 during our closure due to ringworm, in 2015 when we required help after a removal of Beagles and rabbits, and later the same year when 16 Saluki dogs came into OMHS care. We can’t thank the doctors and staff at Burloak Animal Hospital enough for their assistance and expertise whenever we have reached out for it.

Veterinarian Spotlight: Burloak Animal Hospital - Veterinarian Spotlight: Burloak Animal Hospital

All the beautiful animals in this group of pictures had a helping hand at Burloak before finding their forever homes! We send a big thank you to Dr Zenker, Dr McKinnon, Dr Hale, Dr Garcia, Dr Co, and Dr Waters and all of the clinic staff.

While injured wildlife falls to authorized wildlife custodians, Burloak has treated a variety of wildlife for OMHS before they were healthy enough to get to a rehabilitation centre.

Like many of our veterinary partners, Burloak not only provides medical services, but also supports OMHS in other ways. They are one of our offsite dog licence partners, sell OMHS calendars, and raise funds by including us in open houses and other fun events.

We look forward to strengthening our partnership with the Burloak Animal Hospital and thank them for all they do for the animals.


*The Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS) does not employ an on-site veterinarian and is therefore dependent on the veterinary professionals in our community.