Mark & Andrea Chabot made the important decision to support the Oakville & Milton Humane Society after witnessing the difference they could make in the life of an abused and neglected animal. Their compassionate actions were literally life saving.

Their gift through the Chabot Family Foundation supports the life saving work that helps all the other homeless animals needing that same safety net they were part of.

“We can’t rescue every animal that needs our help, giving to the Oakville and Milton Humane Society on behalf of our family is our way to continue rescuing more animals.”

Gifts from Private Giving Foundations ensures that your favorite charities receive regular, annual donations to fund their work today.  It also acts like an endowment fund that continues to contribute to lasting, positive change for your family’s special charities.

Mark & Andrea’s goal is to create a legacy of philanthropy for their family now and for the generations who will follow.