This September we shine the spotlight on Bronte Road Animal Hospital.  Owner, Dr Dieter Schmidt, is proud to operate this full service veterinary hospital where he and his staff offer a wide range of excellent care.  The team is dedicated to providing quality and compassionate care for pets.

For many years the clinic has held an OMHS donation box and promotes OMHS calendar sales by displaying them in their lobby.

Bronte Road Animal Hospital has been a great partner to OMHS in recent years. Contributions include diagnostics, dental surgeries, and spay and neuter surgeries.

The changes in protocols required due to the COVID pandemic has stretched the resources at most veterinary clinics, and made wait times for appointments or services a little longer.  When we reached out to Bronte Road Animal Hospital in 2020, Dr. Schmidt did not hesitate to say they wanted to help and has provided care for several animals since then.
We are so thankful and look forward to our work together in the future!

Bronte Road Animal Hospital Vasha - Veterinary Spotlight: Bronte Road Animal Hospital
This cat received life saving care and was adopted thanks to Dr Schmidt and his team.
Bronte Road Animal Hospital Frankie - Veterinary Spotlight: Bronte Road Animal Hospital
One of the pets recently neutered at Bronte Road Animal Hospital.