Oakpark team

The Oakpark Pet Hospital team – a great group of caring individuals.

This month our spotlight is on the Oakpark Pet Hospital which has been a valued partner to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS) for nearly two decades by providing invaluable support to our shelter.


This beautiful boy King required removal of one kidney due to a giant kidney worm infection. This is common in some areas of northern Manitoba where he came from.

Dr. Matt Croskery opened the practice in 2001 and leads a team of seven doctors and support staff who provide high quality service to their clients and OMHS pets.

One of Dr. Croskery’s passions is surgery and orthopedics, and he and his staff provide care to the unfortunate animals that come to OMHS with bone fractures, or other serious medical conditions. The team at Oakpark Pet Hospital has also assisted OMHS in caring for animals in several cases where OMHS was required to remove them from their homes due to neglect. The housing, medical treatment and expert advice they provided played a large role in changing the lives of these animals.

Dr. Croskery’s team was there for OMHS in 2008 when 52 Bengal cats were rescued from one home and again in 2015 when a group of neglected and emaciated dogs required our care. Realizing the dogs required immediate care, Oakpark quickly set up a triage centre so many of them could be seen and assessed immediately.

They have also helped save lives of OMHS pet patients with complicated cases such as diaphragmatic hernia, liver shunt, esophageal stricture, as well as more routine surgeries like dentistry, removal of foreign bodies and supportive care for dehydrated and sick animals. The hospital supports in part our spay/neuter program and provides surgery to many cats and dogs, including the minimally invasive laparoscopic spay procedure when required. Over the years we have counted on their veterinarians to provide excellent advice and medical plans for some of our most senior pets. Many of whom are in the final stages of their life and where palliative care is the only option for them.

Hospital Manager Heather Kelly is our first point of contact for new cases, and she brings a great energy and compassion to every decision needed. The team has not only helped OMHS animals at the clinic, but many have become foster parents and opened their hearts and homes to care for young and older dogs, cats, and rabbits. We are so thankful that going above and beyond is part of who they are, and we look forward to continuing to work with Oakpark Pet Hospital in the future.


“Red” the cat who recently had polyps removed from his ears. Fast diagnosis with a CT scan at Oakpark Pet Hospital helped improve this boy’s life so much so he can look for his new forever home.

Skye and Koko

“Skye & Koko”, senior Huskies who became homeless. Sadly, both developed cancer, but lived comfortably with a wonderful foster family and in palliative care until the end.

Dog with a broken leg

This little dog recovering after his broken leg was repaired. After weeks of additional rehab at Oakpark he recovered and has been adopted.