Just under 2 months ago we adopted Sammy and I wanted to give you guys an update on how he is doing! We are loving having Sammy! He is SUCH a cuddle monster, if you are siting or laying down he NEEDS to be on your lap (or stomach if laying). Even if it is not the most opportune time (like in the floor exercise pic below)! He also really enjoys his walks…. well unless it is raining, then he has some negative feelings about going out! We are wondering how he will feel about snow. He gets along amazing with my sister’s dog Hazel. He would not go up or down the stairs (a few days) until Hazel came over and showed him how it is done. He also enjoys playing with Hazel. He has met a few other dogs and gets on with most of them. Timid at first, but once we show it is OK he warms up a bit. Same goes for new people. Hope everything is going well at the humane society. Sincerely, Lilia, Violet, Adrian and Sammy.