OMHS and Virox representatives standing in front of a white OMHS van.Recently, the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS), Virox Technologies Inc., and local social service agencies joined forces to provide affordable spaying and neutering services for pet owners in need. Thanks to the generous support of Virox Technologies Inc., OMHS staff transported 17 cats to a special community clinic in Hamilton for spaying and neutering. While privately, this procedure could cost up to $800, through this initiative, pet owners identified through Front Line Outreach social services only required a payment of $20.

This collaborative effort not only assists responsible pet owners who may struggle with the full cost of the surgery but also promotes responsible pet care within the community.

“At Virox, we believe that people, animals, and the planet are all connected and must be considered
collectively in everything we do,” said Stephanie Kus, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs at Virox,
“When the OMHS approached Virox with their inaugural spay and neuter clinic, we felt our support was the perfect way to reinforce our mission to improve the health of both people and animals while giving back to our community.”

Clients wishing to remain anonymous expressed their gratitude for the initiative, with one sharing, “I'm
blown away at the fact that OMHS can provide this service. Our cats bring us so much joy, and now I
don't need to worry about future litters. Thank you; this is a gift and a service I can afford.”
Another client shared, “I've been wanting to have my girl spayed for a long time. I save and save, then
the money has to go to something else. I am so thankful!”

OMHS looks forward to offering similar clinics in the future.

“The success of this clinic demonstrates the importance of supporting the well-being of people and
animals in our community and working together to ensure responsible pet care,” said Jeff Vallentin,
Executive Director, Oakville & Milton Humane Society.