Oakville pair paves the path for a brighter future with heartfelt legacy - Oakville pair paves the path for a brighter future with heartfelt legacyIn May, during Leave a Legacy Month, we're reflecting on the lasting imprint we can leave on our community to create a better world where animals thrive, free from cruelty. By including the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS), in their Wills, supporters Brian and Nancy Villemaire, have generously extended their commitment and impact well into the future. 

The Villemaires have a longstanding history of supporting OMHS as donors, adopters of beloved pets, and by volunteering as cat socializers. Brian and Nancy shared their intention to include OMHS in their Wills, and the changes they hope to make for animals in the future. 

“We consider ourselves fortunate to have OMHS in our community. They serve a large geographical area and provide excellent care for companion animals as well as all forms of wildlife. As near life-long Oakville residents, we wanted to leave a good portion of our estate assets locally to OMHS due to our residency and love for all creatures,” said Brian and Nancy. 

“It’s important to us that we do as those before us have done by giving back to the community we have lived in for so long. We hope our gift to OMHS will enable their mission of care and compassion to continue for the benefit of those who can’t speak for themselves,” they added. 

Part of the OMHS family  

As young children, Brian and Nancy felt “blessed to be raised by animal-loving tree huggers.” 

As a young married couple, in 1972, the Villemaires bought their first house in Oakville and adopted ‘Timmy’, a six-year-old rescue from OMHS.   

Oakville pair paves the path for a brighter future with heartfelt legacy - Oakville pair paves the path for a brighter future with heartfelt legacy“All our ‘fur family’ over the years have been rescues. While we admire the physical attributes of many purebred animals, we could never do anything but rescue rescues. There is no greater reward than looking into their eyes and deep into their souls to see the joy they derive from living out their lives in safety and comfort. They ask only for food, water and love and give of themselves unconditionally.” 

OMHS is committed to the development of a new, purpose-built facility and are working towards finding a new location that will serve the needs of animals in our care and the growing demands of our community.  

As regular volunteers, Brian and Nancy experience first-hand the limitations of OMHS’ facility for staff and animals and the opportunity for capital investment.  

“OMHS has many areas which require improvement, yet they lack the funding. One urgent area of need is a new building, as the current premises are old and counterproductive for its staff. This, however, is a major capital campaign, needing considerable resources to undertake,” they said. 

“We would like to think that, after we are gone, we will have played a small part in the improvements wrought at OMHS and, in turn, a small part in helping all God’s creatures find refuge and care in our community.”  

“When you include the Oakville & Milton Humane Society in your estate planning, you can leave a legacy of compassion for vulnerable animals. Your loving gift will help ensure that generations of animals live the long and happy lives they deserve, treated with kindness and respect.”  

 -Lisa Ashby, Manager of Planned and Annual Giving. 

If you have included OMHS in your Will or would like more information, please email Lisa Ashby, Manager, Planned & Annual Giving at legacy@omhs.ca .

For more information, visit our legacy and planned gifts page.