Cat Enrichment: Why it's important and how you can enhance your feline's life - Cat Enrichment: Why it's important and how you can enhance your feline's lifeWhile we all strive to give our furry friends the best lives possible, there are always ways to improve their happiness, physical health, mental health, and overall quality of life. Healthy and happy cats tend to have fewer behavioural issues, develop stronger relationships with their human companions, and live longer lives.

At OMHS, we provide daily enrichment to our cats while they wait to find their forever homes. For example, on Mondays, we provide catnip filled bubbles to our feline friends as mental stimulation. We also have amazing volunteers that socialize with them daily outside of their kennels.

There are several types of cat enrichment: Environmental, cognitive, sensory, social, and physical. Each can take many different forms and vary in time, cost, and human involvement. Here are some enrichment activities you can try:

1. Puzzle Feeders – An excellent form of cognitive enrichment. Tip: While these feeders can be purchased in store or online, they can also be made DIY using toilet paper roles and a shoe box.

2. Lick Mat – A great way to engage your cat’s senses. Tip: Lick mats can be a handy tool when trying to trim your kitty’s nails by distracting them.

3. Wand Toys – A means to both socialize and exercise your furry friend. Tip: If you don’t own any cat wands, try using a shoe lace or piece of string.

4. Catnip Grass – An easy and affordable way to enhance your feline’s everyday environment. Tip: Cat grass can be found at most pet stores!

5. Bird Watching and Bird TV – Tip: If you don’t have Bird TV, YouTube has tons of bird videos just for cats!

6. Cat Towers and Tunnels – Another great form of environmental and cognitive enrichment. Tip: Tunnels can also be a DIY project using boxes and tape.

Every cat is unique, and your furry friend may not like some of the activities you try. That’s okay! It’s important to find and use the options that truly engage your cat.