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Protecting our supporters’ personal information is a crucial business practice, and it is important for OMHS to help its customers retain their privacy when they take advantage of our offerings. OMHS complies with the most stringent privacy and security rules in its everyday transactions. As well as complying with privacy-related legislation, we want to ensure that those who do business with us can feel as confident as possible. OMHS does not sell, trade or otherwise provide email addresses gathered on this site and in our stores to other businesses or organizations.

OMHS Adheres to The Following Privacy Principles:

Openness and Purpose:
OMHS specifies the purposes for which we collect your information.

OMHS will make no other use of your identifiable information without your express consent.

Retention of Information:
OMHS maintains your records to make your ordering experience as user-friendly as possible in the event that you decide to take advantage of our offerings in the future. Additionally, OMHS retains your data for our own accounting purposes, and will retain them for the period required by reasonable accounting standards. OMHS does not sell or rent its email lists.

Safety and Security of Information:
Your information is protected by security measures.
Access and Queries: Customers of OMHS can access their information by e-mailing us at, We will provide you a copy of your records and will amend any inaccuracies.

OMHS is accountable for how we manage your information. Please contact us with any queries or concerns that you may have.

OMHS does not seek to collect or retain information from children except where required by law or as necessary for program registration.

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OMHS Responsibilities:
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To respect visitors’ and customers’ privacy as indicated in the above
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