Pet Adoption – Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t want to adopt a dog, I just want to take it for a walk?
We have skilled and trained dog walking volunteers who know the dogs’ needs, and their training needs. To effectively train a dog, every handler must be consistent, and only our dog walkers can achieve that. Better trained dogs are adopted faster, and are kept mentally active during their stay at the shelter. When an untrained walker works with a dog, they risk setting that dog’s training back, which can lead to an extended stay at the shelter. If you would like to volunteer to walk dogs, please check out our volunteer postings.

The dog I want to adopt says “no children”. My kids have lived with dogs. Why can’t we adopt him/her?
Our age limits are in place for the benefit of your family and to ensure the dog will be comfortable in its new home. We may know from the dogs’ history that he/she was not comfortable with children. The dog may have come in as a stray and has displayed behaviour that would not be safe around children. The dog may be large, playful and rambunctious and be able to injure a small child. Even if your child has experience with dogs, not every child that will enter your home does and it is not fair for your family or a dog to be in a situation where it will be uncomfortable or feel unsafe. We have a very comprehensive assessment process for every dog that comes in. When making a decision for any requirements for a dog, we take its history, assessment results, and any behaviour demonstrated at the shelter into account. If you have any questions about age limits placed on dogs, please contact the adoptions department at 905-845-1551 ext.147 or 

The pet I want to adopt at the shelter has a sign explaining it is not yet ready for adoption. Why is it not available? When will I be able to adopt it?
There are numerous reasons why a pet isn’t ready for adoption, so it can take between a few days, sometimes longer. They could be waiting to be cleared medically, or they could be undergoing behavioural modification and still need more training before they will be ready to be adopted. Write down the kennel number, and call the shelter each day (905-845-1551) or view the list of animals available for adoption here on our website. We update our website every single day.

I am looking for a specific type of cat/dog/small animal. Can I be put on a waiting list so I can be notified when what I am looking for comes in?
As a humane society, we have limited resources and our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to keep our shelter running. We ask that if you are interested in a particular pet, please frequent our website daily, as it is updated every single time a new pet is ready for adoption. In addition, if you are looking for a pet that we do not currently have, please contact us anyway; we can likely direct you to a nearby rescue or shelter may have just the type of rescue pet you are looking for.

What should I consider before adopting a new dog?
Please click here for a handout on what to ask before adopting a new dog.

If you have any other questions about adoptions or the process please contact our adoptions department by phone: 905-845-1551 ext 147 or by email:  and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.