Do It Yourself Nail Trim Videos


We know that you might be missing our nail trim services that have been closed due to COVID because you may feel that trimming your pet’s nails is your own Mission Impawsible. We've compiled some tips and tricks we use to ensure a safe, pain-free way to trim your pet’s nails. Whether you are trimming the nails of a dog, cat, bunny, or guinea pig, we hope the videos will be helpful for you.

*please note these tips are meant to be a guide to aid in trimming your pet’s nails. OMHS is not liable for any accidents that may occur while you are undertaking the trimming of your pet’s nails.

If you do find these videos helpful, please consider making a donation in support of the animals at the shelter for Mission Pawsible.

The Nail Trim videos are just one small component of the Mission Pawsible campaign!  If you haven't already, watch Brady's story to learn more about why your Paws on Deck for the mission could make a difference in an animal's life.  

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