Pet Cremation

Cremation Services
The Oakville  Milton Humane Society provides a cremation service for your deceased pet. We use a third-party cremation company to care for your needs in this difficult time.

Two different services are available: a communal cremation and an individual cremation. With an individual cremation you receive your animal’s ashes back and with a communal cremation you do not. The ashes are stored in your choice of three types of urns, but the urns will be fitted to the size of the pet.   A keepsake paw print of your beloved pet is also available.

Type Communal Cremation Price Individual Cremation Price
(includes the Urn)
Small Animals $40 $200
Cats $70 $205
Small Dogs 0 – 45lb $90 $225
Medium Dogs 46-95lb $150 $245
Large Dogs 96+lb $200 $265

Click here for more information about a final resting place for your best friends.

Pickup Service
In order to assist you during this emotional time, The Oakville & Milton Humane Society will make arrangements to pick up the remains of your beloved pet from either your home or veterinarian.
Within Oakville & Milton areas: $50. (no HST)
Outside of Oakville & Milton: charge varies depending on distance