Steven Matos

Steven is the Senior Vice-President of Operations for Club Assist North America, a preferred supplier of B2B mobile battery products and services to the CAA/AAA Federation of Clubs.  If you have ever had your automobile breakdown at the roadside and had a battery replaced, somewhere in there Steven and his team have been involved!  Steven is a Chartered Accountant and attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Honors Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business. 

Steven enjoys combining his love of running with great causes close to him, having led fundraising initiatives for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Canada, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and most recently The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children here in Oakville.  Steven also previously served on the Board of the Nissan Canada Foundation.  In his spare time, Steven is a clinic instructor for 10K and half marathon running clinics for the Running Room in Oakville.  Steven and his wife, Rachel, are passionate about animal and wildlife welfare, and are proud parents to their shih-tzu, Sammy, with an eye to add to the family sometime soon.  Steven is excited about bringing his passion for animal welfare to the OMHS and working to promote the mission of this fantastic organization.   

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