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Summer has arrived and for the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS), this means ‘Kitten Season’ is in full swing. “This is the time of year when pregnant cats, and nursing or orphaned kittens come into the shelter and it lasts until late fall,” explained Andrea Barker, Animal Care Manager at OMHS. “To date, we have had 107 kittens come into OMHS and those in the photo are just five of 37 that have arrived in the past three days alone. These beautiful babies are in a foster home with their mother.”

Newborn kittens are adorable with their sweet little faces and tiny folded ears but they are helpless. When kittens are born, they cannot see, hear, keep themselves warm or even eliminate waste on their own. They fit in the palm of your hand and weigh three to five ounces. “They’re fragile and so young,” said Barker, “and we are committed to giving every one of these kittens the specialized care they need to thrive.”


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Abandoned in a box, these kittens were rescued.

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Orphaned and fragile, Fry was saved by OMHS.

Fry was orphaned and brought to OMHS. While staff prepare for the influx of kittens every year, the foster volunteers reconfirm their commitment to ‘Kitten Season’ by dedicating themselves to sleepless nights as they bottle feed the tiny felines around the clock. Fry was paired with another healthy kitten so he could develop good social skills and become a well balanced adult. It costs about $250 to raise one orphaned kitten. As a donor-funded charity, we rely solely on donations to care for the animals.

Because of the increased volume of kittens needing help, OMHS is reaching out to the public to donate and/or join the team and become a foster parent to care for kittens until they find their permanent homes. Your time and love will help shape happy, affectionate, well socialized kittens. Experience the reward of saving a tiny life and help create a beloved companion for a family.


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