Patch Program - Patch Program

Every August since 2002, Frank Apa and his team at Lexus of Oakville celebrate the joy that animals bring, with a special fundraising initiative in honour of a sweet little dog named Patch.

Loyal and friendly, Patch was Mr. Apa’s gentle, outgoing, and charismatic Shih Tzu – the dealership ambassador – who won the hearts of everyone he met. When Patch passed away in 2002, Mr. Apa raised funds in his memory and donated those funds to OMHS. As a result, the P.A.T.C.H. Challenge was created.

There are three elements to the Patch program. First, P.A.T.C.H. is an educational program geared to school-aged children that helps students learn about animals while fostering kindness and compassion. This program is a fitting tribute to the little black and white dog who seemed to bring these qualities out in everyone he encountered. If you are interested in learning more about the P.A.T.C.H. curriculum and how your class or school could benefit from this program, contact us.

Next, the PATCH Challenge is an opportunity to recognize a child who has demonstrated kindness towards an animal or animals. If you know of such a child, nominate them today. Nominations are open until Friday August 21st at 5pm.

Finally, the third element of the PATCH program is the fundraising campaign that Lexus of Oakville undertakes in August each year. Since the inaugural campaign that raised more than $13,000 for OMHS, Frank Apa, Lexus of Oakville, as well as the friends and customers of Lexus of Oakville have raised more than $223,000 in memory of Patch and in support of the PATCH program at OMHS. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Apa and Lexus of Oakville, OMHS has been able to bring the PATCH program to more than 14,000 children in Oakville and Milton.

Join us on Saturday August 29th from 1pm – 5pm at Lexus of Oakville, 1453 North Service Road West, as we celebrate PATCH, Lexus of Oakville and our winner of the PATCH Challenge. Radio station 102.9 K-Lite FM will be broadcasting live during this time.