Staying Safe Over the Holidays - Staying Safe Over the HolidaysMany of us have had a new puppy or kitten join the family during these stay-at-home times. Your new addition is likely thrilled with all the new toys that present themselves at this time of year. Puppies like to chew things and kittens are attracted to things that are shiny and move.

Keep an eye on pets around the Christmas tree to make sure they do not consume the decorations or the presents underneath. If you have lit candles do not leave them unsupervised and put them out of the reach of your pets. Make sure that they do not have access to Christmas plants or cords that they could chew.

Counter surfing with all the great food that comes with the season is also more of a potential. Make sure that you do not leave things out so that pets have access. Even foods that are not toxic to pets can make your pet very ill if they consume too much. Watch out for chocolates, alcohol, and turkey bones.

If you are concerned that your pet might get into holiday dinner you can always keep them out of the kitchen. They can spend time in a room with the door closed, or behind a baby gate until it is safe for them to join you. No one wants an expensive trip to the emergency vet hospital during the holidays.

Most pets have a routine so the extra activities can cause added stress for your furry friends. There may be packages arriving at your door and the doorbell ringing more than usual. Be aware of the location of your pets when you open the door to make sure that pets do not accidentally escape out the front door when you are collecting your packages. If you plan to have a special holiday meal for your pet, be careful not to overdo the new foods. This may cause some digestive upset for your pet.

Pets love to spend time with you. Take a hike with your dog, play with your pets, snuggle up together with a great book, a holiday movie or just enjoy spending time together!

Happy Holidays to you and your pets!