The snow has melted, green shoots are appearing and we can finally feel the sun – spring is here at last!

Here are some tips to keep your furry family safe this season.

Open windows – Pets love the fresh breeze through an open window as much as we do, so make sure your screens are well secured to prevent curious cats and other animals falling from windows.

Spring cleaning – Spring is a great time to tackle that fur-covered sofa and paw-print car interior but remember that commercially sold cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. Keep them away from pets and always follow instructions carefully.

Green gardens – Time to get some colour back into your yard! Be careful when you choose plants as many, such as rhododendrons and lilies, are toxic to animals. Try to minimize your use of fertilizers and herbicides: they keep your garden looking great but can be fatal for four-legged family members. Some plants such as the peppermint family and rosemary deter fleas and ticks from your yard.

Kitten in a basket
Puppy running outdoors

Allergies and insects – Unfortunately spring flowers also bring spring irritants such as pollen and insects.
Speak to your vet to make sure your pet is protected against ticks and fleas. Be aware that animals can get springtime allergies too so keep an eye out for allergic reactions.

Healthy hearts – Mosquitos spread heartworm, so spring can be a dangerous time for untreated dogs. Make sure your pets have been given their heartworm medication to prevent this potentially fatal parasite.

On the go – It's tempting to let your dog hang its head out of the car window but it's likely to cause problems such as insects and debris in eyes, ears and lungs, and injuries from abrupt stops and turns. Protect your pooch by using a secured crate or pet harness every time you hit the road together.